My blogging was inspired by my research into the Common Core movement and it’s impact on education in PA as well as other current events that have me deeply troubled about the future of our state, our country, and our culture.

Please see my Common Core in PA page for my blog posts related to Common Core and education “reform.” What is it? Why didn’t we know about? Can we stop it? Common Core and the so-called education reform movement is a large creature with tentacles reaching far and wide.

Jesus Children

Also, if you are interested in how Common Core is impacting Catholic education, please visit my Common Core & Catholic Education page.

My Green Peas page attempts to expose the truth about the “green” agenda and drive it out of our classrooms.  The “environmental” movement in its current manifestation is permeating our children’s education. This movement is not based on scientific facts and reason, but is motivated by an agenda that seeks to destroy our way of life while doing nothing to protect or defend God’s wondrous creation or serve the least among us.

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