Green Peas

Exposing the “Green” Agenda

The green agenda is not about conservation and being good stewards of God’s creation, but about control of both the land and of the individual. It’s not about reusing, recycling, and composting or giving a hoot not to pollute.  It’s about politics and power of the few over the many.  The common sense conservation movement has been hijacked by hypocrites who expect the rest of us to live like the third world while they live like kings and queens. As with all radical egalitarian plans, it brings everyone down, instead of lifting others up. And those who created the plan aren’t expected to actually live under the system they create. That’s for “the masses.”

Even the guy who co-founded GreenPeace left the group when he discovered the direction it was heading and that “global warming/climate change” had become more about politics and power than scientific truth and evidence.

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