Common Core Links

Here are some useful and informative websites:

  • What is Common Core – A boatload of information. These ladies from UT are all over it!

The guest post on this site  “A Mother Speaks Out: Children for Sale” was one of the first blog posts I read about Common Core.

  • Pennsylvanians Against Common Core: PA’s own  group battling Common Core:

  • Utahns Against Common Core – The Motherload from Utah!

So much research is on this site, including this excellent 16 page handout  to give to your legislators and anyone else you want to wake up:

What the State Office of Education Isn’t Telling You About Common Core

  • Truth in American Education: Great site for information and news from all over the country:

  • The Home School Legal Defense Assn has an excellent analysis of Common Core:

  • PA’s own Peg Luksik’s site includes her Common Core presentations, which are a must see:

  • Diane Ravitch’s, who was once part of the Reformy Reformers movement:

  • Peter Greene is a teacher from PA who writes about the absurd world of education reform, including Common Core, on his funny and informative blog:


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